Per Anell

Investment Manager Technology


Phone: +46 734 294 232


Per Anell started his career as a patent consultant and has since then held senior positions in several tech companies. He has experience from startups, having worked at Proximion Fiber Optics (a spin-off of Acreo) and Mamea Imaging (a spin-off of KTH, the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm). In the six years prior to his joining Industrifonden, Per worked with seed investments in young, often research-related companies, and he served as member or chair of several boards. He holds a Master of Science in Engineering from Lund University.

Then, in 2014, Per decide to work for Industrifonden. “What brought me here,” he explains, “is that Industrifonden has the experience and capital needed to really create value in its investments. You get to work with companies in development, struggling to get their first orders, as well as companies with substantial turnovers and profit margins. And of course, my colleagues are a great, skilled group of people.”

At Industrifonden, he works primarily with investments of a highly technical nature and those related to software. His specialties are industrial companies and companies working with key enabling technologies, ideally where digitalization or the Internet of Things is being used to reap customer benefits and open up new possibilities.

During his time in the world of VC, he’s learned not to wait for problems to show up; it’s best to anticipate them in advance. Per says, “Walk through different scenarios with your partners beforehand, and always have a backup plan. Sometimes you focus too much on minimizing the risks instead of maximizing the possibilities.”

Per devotes his free time to working out and skiing. Together with his wife, he has three kids, a horse, and a dog.

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