FAQ: Our Investment Process



When is the right time to approach Industrifonden about investing?
We are interested to invest when your startup has demonstrated initial evidence and is ready to accelerate, usually in Seed or A-round funding. Ideally, contact us at least six months before you plan to close the funding. It is common that we received previous updates from the company and have been able to follow progress for a certain time before the funding process started.

What criteria do you use for investments?
We focus on unique and scalable innovations. We seek passionate founders and teams with the capability to turn visionary ideas into reality, and concepts that have the potential to revolutionize or create new industries. We believe that mixed teams with complementing capabilities are best positioned to succeed.

How should I approach Industrifonden for an investment?
Please send your pitch deck to pitch@industrifonden.com or directly to a member of our investment team. Given the high volume of inquiries we receive, only select proposals that fit our focus areas will lead to an initial call or meeting.

What is your investment process and how long does it take?
Submitted pitch decks areevaluated. Due to the high number of inquiries, we only schedule meetings with those that best align with our investment criteria. After the initial meeting, we will confirm if we enter an evaluation phase in which we examine the technology and multiple aspects of the business. Should our deep dive affirm our belief in the case, we will present a term sheet, which may include requirements on a syndicate or other aspects of the potential investment. Once terms are agreed, a due diligence process begins. Provided that no significant issues arise, and conditions are met, the investment can be completed. Typically, the process from the initial meeting to funding takes 3-6 months. Previous progress updates facilitate the funding process.

What are the key elements of an effective pitch deck?
Your pitch deck should clearly articulate the problem you’re solving, your unique solution, target market, business model, team, financial projections, product/strategic roadmap, capitalization table, and a specific funding request.

At what stage and how much does Industrifonden invest?
We invest in early-stage companies, from seed to A-round funding, sometimes earlier. Our first ticket is often 10-50 million SEK, with the capacity to invest considerably more during the lifecycle. For exceptional technologies, we also consider smaller tickets for pre-seed funding of important milestones.

Do you specialize in any particular industries or sectors?
We are open to investments in all areas that meet our criteria for unique, globally scalable innovations. We organize our team into three practices with expertise in Deep Tech, Life Science, and Transformative Tech.

Where are your investments geographically focused?
Our focus is on Swedish innovations, in Life Science and Deep Tech we also consider investments across the Nordic region.