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Seed to A-round funding

We invest in early-stage companies, from seed to A-round funding, and sometimes earlier. Our first ticket is often 10-50 million SEK, with the capacity to invest considerably more during the lifecycle. Smaller tickets are also considered in an earlier stage for exceptional technologies.

In it for the long run

Our fund has an evergreen structure allowing us to focus less on short-term wins and focus more on investments that will create long-term value.

What we look for

Unique, scalable innovations that have a meaningful impact on our society.

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Passionate founders that can turn their ideas into reality.

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Ideas with the potential to change a whole industry – or create a new one.

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If this sounds like you, share your pitch deck with us! Your pitch deck should include a clear problem statement, unique solution, target market, business model, team, financial projections, roadmap, cap-table and a clear ask. We value creativity, innovation, and collaboration. Pitch your case ↗

Industrifonden was founded by the Swedish government in 1979 as an independent foundation to provide Swedish industry with an innovation growth engine. For more than forty years, we have partnered with high-tech ventures in deep tech, life science, and transformative business.

Today, we are an independent venture capital fund continuing our legacy by partnering with innovators and entrepreneurs to bring Nordic breakthrough innovations to the world.

We invest in early-stage companies and our first ticket is often 10-50 million SEK, with capacity to invest considerably more during the lifecycle.

Our areas of expertise are Deep tech, Life science and Transformative tech.

Deep tech: We invest in advanced technology that addresses important societal issues. We have a special interest in advanced materials, industry 4.0, energy, advanced computing, AI, and synthetic biology.

Life science: We invest in the commercialization of products and services, grounded in solid science, which address an unmet medical need. We have expertise in biotech, medtech and healthtech.

Transformative tech: We invest in transformative tech and business models to create the industry of tomorrow. We mostly stay within the B2B space but invest in a broad range of industry verticals.



We primarily invest in Swedish innovations, as well as the Life Science and Deep Tech industries across the Nordics.

At Industrifonden, we focus less on short-term wins and more on successful long-term investments that will create lasting value and benefits to our society.

We’re in it for the long run, because experience has taught us that developing fundamental innovations takes time.

Annual Report 2022-23 (swe)

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