Per Anell

Senior Investment Director
Per Anell

Per has a broad investment scope but tends to gravitate towards deep tech and industry related ventures. He started his career as an IP consultant at Awapatent and then moved into robotics as a project manager at Mydata Automation AB (later Mycronic AB). In 2000 he joined his first startup as VP Engineering at Proximion Fiber Optics, which commercialized the research from the Swedish research institute Acreo on how to manufacture advanced Fiber Bragg Gratings.  In 2003 he joined Mamea Imaging (later sold to Philips Healthcare), as VP Development, in the development of the world’s first photon-counting X-ray modality for mammography. After years of operative experience he decided to change track and started at Innovationsbron and Almi Invest to support the Swedish startup ecosystem and gained his first experiences within venture capital. In 2014 he joined Industrifonden.

Per holds a Master of Science in Engineering from Lund University.

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