Medtentia International develops medical device products for the treatment of mitral insufficiency – the most common type of mitral valve regurgitation requiring surgical treatment. Mitral insufficiency occurs in approximately 10 percent of the population above the age of 75 and can lead to heart failure. However, around half of patients are medically unsuitable for the major surgical procedure that currently represents the standard method for restoring the valve’s function. There is thus a major medical need for less invasive types of treatment.

Medtentia is developing CathHELIX, a patented helix ring that can restore the valve’s function by way of a relatively simple procedure. CathHELIX is put in place using a catheter inserted via the groin. The method makes it possible to reduce operating times and increase the level of safety during the procedure. This considerable simplification of the highly complex procedure means the treatment can be offered at a much larger number of clinics and by more doctors than is the case today.

Medtentia International at a glance

What they do: Wants to help make the treatment of leaking mitral valves simpler and safer
Founded in: 2002
Headquarters: Espoo, Finland

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