Early and accurate cancer diagnostics are crucial to improving patient outcomes in solid tumour cancers. The current gold standard, radiologic imaging, is less than ideal in many clinical settings as it requires the tumour to be large enough to be visible in imaging and exposes patients to radiation. Non-invasive, safe, and cost-effective tests are needed for early cancer diagnosis and for patients’ continued monitoring.

Elypta is developing and validating a test for Renal Cell Carcinoma (RCC), the most common form of kidney cancer. This cancer form currently lacks useful biomarkers for diagnosis and monitoring. Most cases of RCC today are identified by chance, as a spot on an imaging report while looking for something else.

We believe Elypta’s novel metabolite-based technology has the potential to add a highly sensitive and cost-effective tool to the physician’s toolbox. With data from ongoing clinical studies, we expect multiple additional business development opportunities to emerge.