Severe allergic asthma or eczema (atopic dermatitis) are serious conditions affecting millions, children and adults. Most patients can control their symptoms with fairly basic medications, but the serious cases need advanced, and costly, biological pharmaceuticals to manage their condition. Airsonett deals with the very same, serious problem in a completely different, effective and safe manner. The Airsonett treatment uses a medical device to provide ultra clean air over the face of a patient during sleep, securing powerful results. By controlling the airflow using its proprietary technology, the allergic load is removed during the hours where it is often the most harmful, allowing the immune system to recover and strengthen

Industrifonden invested in Airsonett because this very different approach combines clinical efficacy, ease-of-use, safety and cost-effectiveness. We believe this combination is what it takes to win in the field of medtech. The scientific rationale, the solid data and the clinical experience now in place allows the company to offer a game changer in the management of severe allergies.