In spite of treatment with modern drugs, many asthma patients have difficulty gaining control over their disease. Airsonett uses patented temperature-controlled laminar airflow technology (TLA) to help patients get their nightly rest in an allergen-free zone. This treatment, which essentially has no side effects, has been shown in comprehensive clinical trials to reduce inflammation of the respiratory tracts, improve asthma control and enhance quality of life.

Airsonett is approved by the relevant regulatory bodies in Europe and the United States and market introductions are currently under way in a number of countries. Several health economic evaluations have had positive results and a number of medical care authorities are already providing the product free of charge for the patients who will benefit most from its use.

Airsonett at a glance

  • What they do: Creates an allergen-free zone that helps asthma sufferers lead a healthier life
  • Founded in: 2010
  • Headquarters: Ängelholm, Sweden

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