Announcing our investment in metal 3D printing company Freemelt

September 6, 2019

We are proud to welcome Swedish metal 3D printing company Freemelt to the family. The company raises SEK 15 million led by Industrifonden, to fuel the company to continue to drive the metal 3D printing revolution forward. 

The Freemelt One, is an electron beam melting 3D printer, intended for Additive Manufacturing materials R&D and requires only a small amount of powder to operate, making it affordable and fast for users to test different metal powders. Its open source system, allows the user to adapt and evolve the code, and share it within the community, to accelerate the development of tomorrow’s materials.

Read more about Freemelt:

> Ny Teknik: Deras maskin 3d-printar metall – nu investerar Industrifonden


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