Anna Haupt joins Industrifonden as Investment Director

Anna Haupt joins Industrifonden as Investment Director



Today, we are delighted to welcome entrepreneur and industrial designer Anna Haupt as our newest Investment Director. Anna will focus on investments in socially transformative innovation. Anna Haupt joins Industrifonden from Nevs (formerly Saab), where she was responsible for the firm’s self-driving cars initiatives.

Anna Haupt took Hövding, the airbag bicycle helmet firm she co-founded in 2005, from idea to listed company with 400 dealers around Europe and Asia. At Nevs, she was part of the management team and was responsible for developing an urban mobility system for self-driving vehicles. She took Nevs’ urban mobility product from idea to its first prototype, together with an associated app and fleet management system.

“As an entrepreneur, I have met many investors over the years and have worked with some of them. Innovation is driven forward by inventors, researchers, and entrepreneurs. But without strategic investment, many ideas get stuck before they are fully realised. At Industrifonden, I will have the privilege to invest in, and champion, future solutions. This is both an attractive and an important challenge,” says Anna Haupt, Investment Director at Industrifonden.

Anna Haupt’s recruitment forms part of Industrifonden’s increased focus on current societal challenges and how these can be addressed through innovation, technological advances, and cutting-edge science.

Today’s climate crisis initiated an industrial shift whose magnitude could be compared to the industrial revolution of the 18th century. From being dependent on fossil fuels, the entire industry and the whole society are beginning to turn to more sustainable solutions. But the road to a post-fossil fuel society is long and requires that new technology be developed, and existing research made widely available. Our shared future will be determined by our ability to turn innovation into action. Nowhere is this truer than in systemic green innovation, such as in transport infrastructure, electromobility, smart cities and smart networks.

“We are extremely happy that Anna will join our team. Industrifonden has long been a leader in investing in digitalisation and automation, as well as more basic innovations in, for example, materials technology and pharmaceuticals. With Anna’s help, we will be better at supporting and investing in innovation at the system level,” says David Sonnek, CEO of Industrifonden.

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