Fredrik von Porat

Controller Technology


Phone: +46 70 211 28 95


Fredrik von Porat came to Industrifonden in 2000 and works as a controller in the Tech team. Fredrik is responsible for budgeting, reports, and internal analysis. In addition to his responsibilities as internal controller, he works with investment managers by helping to prepare the financial information on which they base their decisions.

Before he came to Industrifonden, Fredrik worked at VPC (now Euroclear), where he worked within the unit responsible for planning share issues. Toward the end, he was also responsible for the development of cross-border transactions.

“It’s exciting getting to meet so many companies on the leading edge,” says Fredrik of why he loves his job. “I thought it would be fun to work with fundraising and learn more about how it works from an investor’s perspective. That’s why I initially wanted to work for Industrifonden. Nowadays, what I love about my job is the diversity, and I get to hear many exciting ideas and meet the people behind them.”

He’s learned a lot over his years at Industrifonden. “Things always take longer than you first thought, and they never turn out the way you first thought,” says Fredrik.

In his free time, Fredrik enjoys spending time in nature, working out (mainly running but also swimrunning), taking photos, and traveling.

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