Andreas Söneby

Venture Partner

Joined: 2024

Interests: B2B Software, Energy, Industrial, Sustainability, Skiing, Hunting

Andreas Söneby

Andreas started his career by founding a consulting and recruiting company during his university years, which he successfully expanded and later sold. This early venture set the stage for a distinguished career in technology development, leading him to a consultancy firm.

He has also held CTO and CIO roles within Kindred and Kambi over 15 years, growing and transforming the organisations massively from small scale to enterprise size and enabling international expansion. He was also the CEO of White Hat Gaming before taking on the challenge of VP Engineering at Instabox (now merged with Budbee to become Instabee). In this role, he collaborated closely with the founder and CTO, focusing on steering the organization through transformation and adaptation to meet evolving customer and market demands.

Throughout his career, Andreas has consistently sought out opportunities that leverage technology to transform industries. At Industrifonden he aims to apply his vast experience in tech innovation and management towards fostering industry advancements.

Andreas holds a Master of Science in Computer Science from KTH, Stockholm.