Digital therapeutic technology platform providing both interventions and changing the care model in severe lung disease patients worldwide. Connected hardware wrapped in data-driven user-friendly software platform tailored for the needs of severe lung conditions has so far built the largest dataset in the market. We invested in Nuvoair as they are at the frontier of combining connected devices and software to significantly improve outcomes in lung disease and found a scalable business model already with global and regional partners across the globe.

Lung disease represents one of the leading causes of morbidity and mortality worldwide and the prevalence is increasing year by year in part due to urbanization and pollution. Modern care models make use of smart technologies to enhance diagnosing, monitoring and therapy choice. Nuvoair is providing a completely new remote care model ensuring patients are kept under control outside of the clinic and brought in only when necessary. By empowering lung patients with smart technology and data-driven support Nuvoair’s product ecosystem provides a paradigm shifting toolbox for patients, care-givers and the life science industry dedicated to lung disease.