BONESUPPORT™ is a fast-growing company that markets CERAMENT™ – an injectable ceramic bone substitute applied under local anesthetic and absorbed by the body while stimulating bone growth. It is used for cases of trauma, fractures caused by osteoporosis, bone infections and fixation of screws and implants in bone.

The CERAMENT™ product line is delivered ready-to-use and is available in many parts of the world. In Europe, the product line includes versions containing antibiotics. Efficacy, safety and user-friendliness have been documented in more than 50 preclinical and clinical trials. CERAMENT™ has been used by more than 20,000 patients to date and is currently being evaluated in an extensive clinical trial involving treatment of shinbone fractures. A positive result in the study could lead to CERAMENT™ gaining a prominent position in the treatment of this patient group.

The company is also developing new products using other drugs linked to the CERAMENT™ platform for use in the field of oncology.

BONESUPPORT™ at a glance

What they do: Simplifies restoration of human bone strength and function
Founded in: 1999
Headquarters: Lund, Sweden


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