Investing Ahead of the Decarbonization Curve

Investing Ahead of the Decarbonization Curve

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‘Investing Ahead of the Decarbonization Curve’ is the first report in our ‘Deep Tech X Energy Series’. It’s a high-level overview and the first in a suite of six reports that will be published during 2023, which will include deep dives and an analysis of the latest trends in:

  • Innovative technologies to make renewable energy mainstream
  • Scaling up the production of novel fuels
  • Looking beyond lithium for energy storage & supply
  • Disrupting industrial processes & digitalization
  • Accelerating carbon capture discovery & deployment

The 2015 Paris Agreement set the goal to limit global warming and pursue net carbon neutrality by 2050. This requires society and industry to transition away from fossil fuels, to reduce future emissions, and demands innovations that can lower energy consumption and existing greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. At the same time, economic growth and digitalization demands increased energy production and energy security.

Private investments in technologies that are targeting energy are booming in contrast to downward trends in global venture capital activity. While we believe that increased public and private financing in the sector is directionally positive, it will be the quality, not quantity, of investments that ultimately moves the needle towards net neutrality. Investors will also need to carefully navigate the trends to identify authentic risk-reward balanced opportunities.

In this report

  • Trend analysis: We analysed 5 trend-adjacent areas where we outsized opportunities potentially lie for renewable energy, novel fuels, energy storage, industrial processes & carbon capture and sequestration (CCS).
  • Highlighted deals: Examples of the science & engineering-based innovations that hold the most decarbonization potential and present a risk-reward balanced investment.
  • Regional opportunities: We analysed the Nordic region in comparison to European and American trends and have identified the key success factors that make it uniquely fertile ground for energy & clean tech investments.

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