Our portfolio company Inriver acquired by US private equity firm



Industrifonden sells its entire holding in Inriver, the leading player in the rapidly growing product information management (PIM) market, to Thomas H. Lee Partners, L.P. (THL), a premier US private equity firm investing in growth companies.

As the first venture capital firm investing in Inriver, we were excited by the company’s state-of-the art technology, expertise and the drive of the management team. We shared a joined vision of how e-commerce could be strategically driven based on superior PIM solutions and developed a joint ownership agenda and roadmap. We’re delighted about today’s transaction – it provides a successful exit for Industrifonden as well as strong new shareholders for the company’s continued growth journey,” says Anna Ljungdahl, Investment Director at Industrifonden.

Read more about today’s news in Inriver’s press release ↗