Industrifonden gears up its investment pace in 2023 to SEK 600 million



For the new year, Industrifonden plans to increase its investments in breakthrough technologies and science-based ventures to more than SEK 600 million, dedicating up to SEK 300 million into new ventures. 

Over the past three years, Industrifonden invested in total SEK 1.3 billion, equaling SEK 450 million annually. During the three-year period our portfolio companies also attracted an impressive SEK 10 billion from other investors, thanks to the excellent work of the leadership teams and the focus on truly unique technologies and offerings within Industrifonden’s investment areas Deep Tech, Life Science, and Transformative Tech.   

In the last year, several new investment professionals joined Industrifonden bringing extensive experience from venture investments and operations, further increasing the team’s capacity. 

Peter Wolpert, CEO at Industrifonden, said: “The timing is right to be a contrarian. Many investors are decreasing their activity level, but the quality of innovative companies is better than ever, and valuation expectations have adjusted to more attractive levels. For us, the limiting factor is to find true excellence, in innovations as well as management teams”.  
He continues: “We’re excited to partner with extraordinary innovators and entrepreneurs to bring more Nordic breakthrough innovations to the world and we’re in it for the long run. Our evergreen structure and proven capabilities to develop science-based ventures is a tremendous advantage for founders choosing to partner with us.” 

Industrifonden’s first ticket size is normally SEK 10–50 million, with capacity to invest significantly more during the lifecycle. Smaller tickets will also be considered in an earlier stage for exceptional technologies and teams, for the purpose of generating convincing proof-points.  

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Industrifonden in numbers 

  • SEK 5 billion under management  
  • SEK 10 – 50 million in first ticket size  
  • 50+ portfolio companies 
  • 19 investment professionals 
  • 18 IPOs 

About Industrifonden  

Industrifonden is Sweden’s Venture Capital Fund looking for unique, scalable innovation that has a meaningful impact on our society. Industrifonden manages more than SEK 5 billion and invest in early-stage companies, from seed to A-round funding with a reach across the Nordics. The investment focus includes specialized technologies and businesses within Deep Tech, Life Science and Transformative Tech. Industrifonden has an evergreen structure which allows a long-term focus on value creation.