Industrifonden exits OP5 – acquired by ITRS Group



We are excited to announce that our portfolio company OP5 has been acquired by ITRS Group, the leading provider of real-time monitoring and analytics for financial services. OP5 is a global leader in providing IT monitoring and log analysis technology built by enhancing the open source software of Nagios/Naemon and ELK (ElasticSearch, Logstash & Kibana). OP5 addresses the needs of enterprise customers by providing greater scalability, APIs for controlling the software and its configuration, and enhanced visualisation of the data. OP5’s 600+ customers include data centre providers, telecommunications, automotive and financial services.

Industrifonden made an initial investment in OP5 in 2004, together with other shareholders through their part ownership of KTH Seed Capital. OP5 has had a positive development the past years with a strong footprint in the market and a long list of well-known customers, both in Scandinavia and abroad. ITRS acquisition of OP5 also included OP5 Inc., the US subsidiary of OP5. We strongly believe that the acquisition by ITRS creates excellent opportunities for a continued, positive development of OP5, says Martin Gemvik, Investment Manager at Industrifonden.

For more information on the acquisition:

ITRS Group acquires OP5 to expand monitoring & log file analytics offering ↗