DataGuard Acquires DPOrganizer



DataGuard, a leading Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company specializing in security and compliance, has announced its acquisition of DPOrganizer, a Stockholm-based privacy management solutions provider.

DPOrganizer provides innovative solutions for privacy professionals and in-house data protection and compliance teams, assisting clients in more than 20 countries to build and run effective privacy programs, comply with regulations, and build trust with their customers and partners. DataGuard, which helps over 4,000 customers in more than 50 countries build robust security and compliance management systems, sees this strategic move as a key step in expanding internationally.
DPOrganizer has been a portfolio company of leading VCs Paladin Capital Group, Industrifonden, and Inbox Capital. At Industrifonden, we have proudly supported DPOrganizer since 2017, witnessing their growth and evolution into a key player in the privacy management space.

Karolina Bjurehed, Investment Director at Industrifonden, commented: “We are happy to have had the opportunity to support DPOrganizer’s development since 2017. Seeing them thrive and reach this milestone makes us proud. We are delighted that a prominent and well-respected player like DataGuard has recognized their value and acquired them.”

Egil Bergenlind, co-founder of DPOrganizer, said: “DPOrganizer was built for and is loved by privacy and compliance professionals. By joining forces with DataGuard, we can add capabilities such as the AI copilot, asset management, risk and controls management, and numerous information security frameworks. We thereby enable customers to build the bridge between security and compliance, expert and non-expert, business and compliance people. I am beyond excited to start this joint journey and combine our deep domain expertise and technological capabilities. We will continue to give thousands of customers a best-in-class experience.”

Thank you to Paladin Capital Group for your valuable partnership. We also extend our thanks to Icon, Synch, Vinge and Svalner for their support throughout this process.