Thomas Carlström

Senior Investment Manager

Thomas Carlström joined Industrifonden in 1997 and focuses on investments within industrial technology. Prior to joining Industrifonden, Thomas worked at both small and large companies active in the process and manufacturing industries. The companies he worked for include Nobel Industrier (now Akzo Nobel), Stora Enso, and AKV-Ortic, where he held a variety of roles – including production engineer, production manager, factory manager, and CEO. He holds a Master of Science in Metallurgical Engineering from KTH, the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.

Thomas was involved in the Arcam investment, from Industrifonden’s initial investment until its exit. Over his years with Industrifonden, Thomas has learned a lot, and he shares a few of his insights: “It’s all about the people. No company will ever be successful unless it’s headed by a group of talented people. It’s also about being able to focus. It’s easy to expand into new product areas and markets, but it’s considerably harder to focus on the core business, which is normally necessary if you want to be profitable. Once you’re profitable, then you can expand operations.”

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