Sofia Ericsson Holm

Investment Manager

Sofia Ericsson Holm, investment lead at Industrifonden.

Phone: +46 76 634 43 40


Itrim Qapital Meniga

Sofia Ericsson Holm has been working for Industrifonden since 2011, and her focus is on tech in general and fintech specifically.

After obtaining a Master’s degree from the Stockholm School of Economics (Handelshögskolan i Stockholm) and studying and working abroad in the US and the UK for five years, Sofia worked with M&A and corporate finance for investment banks in London and Stockholm. Over the past 20+ years, she has held positions as CFO and VP of M&A at listed IT companies (Framfab and Connecta), worked as an adviser in M&A and as an investor.

“My work is exciting and fun because I get to work closely with entrepreneurs and help foster young companies,” explains Sofia. “What’s most important to keep in mind when starting a company is to realize the scope of the challenge – the mix of highs and lows, the importance of staying on top of both the details and the strategic vision. Being accountable to employees and customers can be a heavy burden in tough times, and you need to be able to prioritize and work hard – with a sense of humility for the task at hand.

“What’s most rewarding is to see a plan that took shape over a longer period of time gradually turn into a successful reality.”

In her free time, Sofia likes to be with family and friends, go horseback riding, exercise, and travel.

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