Sara Frykstrand Ångström


Joined: 2023

Interests: Advanced Materials, Energy, MedTech, Sustainability, Deep Tech, Life Science, Food Science, Chemistry, Yoga, Food, Weight Lifting

Sara Frykstrand Ångström

Sara is focused on Deep Tech and has a passion for new technologies and innovations. She is especially interested in how these can be used to form a sustainable society and help people stay healthy as they get older. 

Sara has a background in chemistry and material science, as well as a deep knowledge of IP.  She has previous experience from the start-up world, as well as working as a researcher and a patent attorney. She has also worked with innovations in different types of ways and is actually an inventor herself.  Sara is curious by heart, always eager to learn new things and to understand new technologies. 

Sara holds a MSc in Chemical Engineering and a PhD in Engineering Physics with focus on material science, both from Uppsala University. She has also studied at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and is an authorized European Patent Attorney.