Mimmi Hedelin

Investment Manager


Phone: +46 70 621 99 73

Email: mimmi.hedelin@industrifonden.com

Oatly BoMill

Mimmi Hedelin joined Industrifonden in 2015. Prior to Industrifonden, Mimmi co-founded and ran Power Supply Partner, a clean-tech company. She has also worked as a management consultant and then with M&A, strategy, and business development at DONG Energy in Copenhagen. One key area was prioritizing technology development and innovations in order to make strategic alliances or acquisitions, thereby ensuring the best solutions for the company’s renewable energy projects.

Mimmi enjoys change with the purpose to improve and simplify and sees technology as a great enabler. She is passionate about building businesses and working with sustainable development, innovation, and pieces of a future that isn’t written yet.

“I’m excited by entrepreneurs who understand and build sustainable businesses that are aiming for a better tomorrow and by people who inspire others to be part of their journey,” explains Mimmi.

“I have experience starting and running a company, and I know how important it is to have a clear vision. At the same time, you also have to respond to reality and adjust the business and its operations accordingly. Relations and people are crucial to success, and I believe in trusting your gut feeling and being certain you’re doing the right thing.”

Mimmi holds a Master of Science in Industrial Management and Engineering from Lund Institute of Technology and Swiss Federal Institute of Technology.

When Mimmi is away from work, she enjoys traveling to new places, hunting, horseback riding, and skiing.

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