Mala Valroy

Investment Manager

Joined: 2022

Interests: Novel business, Sustainability, SynBio, Deep tech, Life Science, Healthtech, Biotechnology, Cleantech, AI/ML, Autonomous transport, Industry 4.0, Biotech, IoT, Adtech, Edtech, Blockchain, Spatial computing, Emerging technologies, Dogs, Swimming

Mala Valroy

Mala invests in deep-tech startups with global reach and market-making potential. She is passionate about human-centric innovations that can create a more sustainable and inclusive society. She finds it most inspiring to work with early-stage startups and emerging technologies, where it’s more important to have the courage to ask the right questions than to have all the answers.

Over the last decade, Mala has built a strong foundation in multiple technologies as a scientist and held senior leadership roles in Fortune 500 companies scaling innovations in emerging markets. As a founder, operator, and board member she has worked with and advised startups in adtech, edtech, blockchain, spatial computing and AR/VR/MR.

Mala holds a Master of Science in General Management from the Stockholm School of Economics, as well as Master of Science in Biochemistry from Dartmouth College, an Ivy League Institution in the United States.

Mala is interested in meeting bold and diverse founding teams who are making step changes in healthtech, cleantech, AI/ML, autonomous transport, industry 4.0, biotech and IoT. If you also happen to enjoy travel, bad word puns or dogs, the meeting will be twice as fun.