John Sjölander

Investment Manager


Phone: +46 70 712 61 99


John Sjölander joined the team in 2015, but he had been working with Industrifonden in various capacities over the previous five years.

Of the 19 years John has been involved in tech startups, he has spent 10 of them as a founder or in management positions at VC-backed companies. What’s his main takeaway from running a business? John explains, “Running a successful company requires deep knowledge and understanding of human psychology. As a leader, it’s up to you to help your team understand what’s necessary right now and make sense of how that plays into the big picture.”

At Industrifonden, John is often the go-to person for anything with a highly technical aspect, where he can tap into his experience with ad-tech and SaaS businesses. He also works with recruiting strategies, organizational structures, fundraising, and long-term tech strategy. John holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and a Master of Science in Applied IT from University of Gothenburg.

In his spare time, John enjoys traveling, reading books, and being involved in the co-creation culture, such as Burning Man. “The concept of spare time is a little blurred to me,” he adds. “Most people I know are either entrepreneurs or work in startups. I spend most of my time doing, thinking, or talking about work. But I don’t really consider it work. I’d do this even if I wasn’t paid (but don’t tell my boss that!).”

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