Johan Englund

Team Lead Tech and Investment Manager

johan englund webb square

The path to success is never a straight line. It takes time and dedication to build a successful business, and there’s no denying it also takes a lot of hard work. But Johan is a firm believer that when you get the right people together, you can achieve great things.

Johan joined Industrifonden in 2010 as a tech investor and now co-leads the tech investment team with Per Anall. He has 20 years’ experience working with entrepreneurs, developing big ideas and building valuable companies. His experience spans the internet, telecom, media and entertainment sectors. Before joining Industrifonden, he was an adviser to several leading venture capital firms and the CEO of Modern Times Group’s subsidiary Nordic Artist.

Outside of Industrifonden, Johan serves as chairman for the football organization Ettanfotboll, which organizes all 32 clubs playing in division 1. He’s also chairman of the board for Enjoy Wine and Spirits and a board member for Di Luca & Di Luca.

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