Gustaf Sköld

Investment Manager Technology


Phone: +46 70 368 18 85


Gustaf Sköld came aboard the team in 2013. Prior to this, he had been working for Ernst & Young with corporate finance, M&A, and management consulting. He holds a Master of Science in Corporate and Financial Management from Lund University.

Gustaf joined Industrifonden because he’s passionate about working in a dynamic and rapidly changing world. He says, “What lured me here was the chance to get to work with outstanding entrepreneurs, see opportunities in market imperfections, and build highly successful truly global companies.”

Why does he love his job? Gustaf explains, “It’s exhilarating to get to meet the ‘super entrepreneurs’ and iconic companies of the future. Every day holds in store a dynamic, complex cocktail of people, trends, markets, strategies, and exits. It’s harder than you think to build an exceptional team, and it’s crucial to always remember to focus on the right things. Usually the exponential value growth of a company comes a very short time before exit.”

In his spare time, Gustaf skis bottomless powder, heads into the forest on his mountain bike, or tinkers with old cars. He enjoys spending time with family, friends, and some fools. Outside of Industrifonden, he is also involved in a family company in Linköping.

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