Björn Bergström

Investment Manager


Phone: +46 72 250 27 56


When Björn Bergström joined the team, he brought several years of experience from the consulting world, where he had worked for both a global and a local consulting firm. During his time in consulting he advised clients in industries such as technology, private equity and telecom on areas like strategy, communications, and M&A.

Over the years, Björn has also gained valuable experience from tech startups, as both founder and business developer, and from venture capital focused on tech investments. He stresses the importance of having a stellar team when you are building a business: “Pick a co-founder you are comfortable working with and surround yourself with a diverse set of people who can help you in a variety of ways.”

It’s clear that Björn is passionate about his job: “I love working with the solutions of the future, pondering what society will look like down the road and which impact a particular innovation will have. Meeting brilliant entrepreneurs with big visions and a relentless will to execute is simply amazing.”

At Industrifonden, Björn focuses especially on the consumerization of the enterprise, digital-first consumer brands and marketplaces.

Björn holds a Bachelor of Science in Business and Economics and a Master of Science in Business, both from the Stockholm School of Economics (Handelshögskolan i Stockholm).

When not working, Björn enjoys traveling, reading, spending time with friends and family, and practicing Muay Thai (thai boxing).

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