Anna Haupt

Investment Director

Joined: 2021

Interests: Consumer / Lifestyle, Energy, Mobility / Transport, Novel business, Sustainability, Transformative Tech, Deep tech, Automotive and autonomous, Climate Tech, The unexpected, Driven founders

Anna Haupt

Anna focuses on deep tech, transformative tech and business innovation. She is passionate about user perspectives, product relevance and new business models adapted for a sustainable future.

Anna is most known for being one of two inventors of Hövding – the airbag bicycle helmet, which she founded in 2005 and developed from idea to a listed company with 400 dealers around Europe and Asia.

The years before joining Industrifonden, Anna devoted to the automotive industry. At Nevs (formerly Saab), she was part of the management team and responsible for the development of a mobility system of self-driving vehicles for urban environments. A product she transformed from idea to a first driving prototype, including app and fleet management system.

Anna is also a member of the board of directors of KTH and holds a master’s degree in Industrial Design from LTH, Lund University