Anders Slettengren



Phone: +46 8 587 919 00

Before he took over as CEO of Industrifonden in 2014, Anders Slettengren had worked with investments in growth companies for many years – first as investment manager and later as CEO at Novax, the Axel Johnson Group’s growth equity firm. Before Novax, Anders worked at Unilever and Microsoft in a number of different operational roles within sales, marketing, and business development. Anders has also served in several boards over the years and holds a Master of Science in Business and Economics from the Stockholm School of Economics.

“As CEO for Industrifonden,” says Anders, “one of my top priorities is to ensure that we can attract talent and organize our team so that we are constantly developing. We can secure the fund’s evergreen endurance by focusing on long-term value creation that can be realized through investing in stellar venture companies and through successful exits.”

He adds, “The venture capital world is not easy. As the only constant is change, it is important to constantly challenge our own investment decisions and not be to squeamish when it comes to the allocation of time, money, and resources. The strategy part is easy, but the execution is difficult. Being a little paranoid and having an ability to evaluate what is happening around the next corner are important skills for success. When building a sustainable business, it’s also crucial to have a long-term perspective along with an entrepreneurial outlook on things.”

His enthusiasm for his job shines through: “My job is inspiring and exciting. It’s all about the people: the Industrifonden team, the entrepreneurs we work with, and the co-investors we collaborate with.”

In his free time, Anders loves spending time with his family and close friends. He also enjoys going on long walks and playing sports.

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