We invested in Trialbee as we saw the company had the potential to solve the number one challenge in the global clinical research industry – identifying, matching and enrolling the right candidates for clinical research programs. We invested at a very early stage in the company and until today it has the longest experience from building and applying tech to drive efficiency in life science R&D. Since then Trialbee has become a leader with its technology platform working with top tier global pharmaceutical industry and researchers worldwide and extending its platform to become truly data-driven combining multiple data sources.

The R&D spend to bring a new pharmaceutical drug to market is on average $1.4 billion and a 13-15 years journey. Delays in clinical development stages are on average almost one year and in which 30% of patients drop out from clinical studies. In recent years we have seen a global life science industry starting to apply smart technologies and data to drive efficiency in R&D and where finding and retaining the right patients to clinical trials has become the holy grail. By being one of first technology platforms in the market, combining technology and data in a sophisticated way and delivering value to its global pharmaceutical industry customers – Trialbee has become trusted partner and market leader.