Smartfish develops and markets Omega-3-based nutritional drinks. The products exclusively contain natural ingredients and despite a high concentration of Omega-3 have a delicious, sour taste. A unique feature of Smartfish products is how the Omega-2 fatty acid is protected from oxidation, resulting in increased amounts of biologically active Omega-3 as well as avoidance of the rancid taste of oxidized fatty acids.

Clinical trials have shown that the Nutrifriend drink has a beneficial effect on muscle strength in elderly people. A number of clinical trials are currently ongoing on patients with cachexia (severe loss of weight and inflammation) as a result of cancer or chronic obstructive lung disease. The products have been classified as Food for Special Medical Purposes (FSMP). The anti-inflammatory effect is also found in the Recharge drink which improves recovery after highly intensity physical activity. Smartfish Recharge is used by elite athletes and sports enthusiasts.

Smartfish at a glance

What they do: Leading developer of clinically well-documented and delicious Omega-3 based nutritional drinks for clinical nutrition purposes or after high intensity sports
Founded in: 2001
Headquarters: Oslo, Norway

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