OxThera develops treatments for patients suffering from hyperoxaluria, a condition where oxalate is not degraded and deposits in the body. The condition can lead to renal failure and premature death. Hyperoxaluria is a rare, autosomal recessive disease (Primary Hyperoxaluria), but can also be exacerbated by chronic intestinal diseases and excessive consumption of oxalate-rich food. There is a lack of effective drugs for this condition – a combined kidney and liver transplant is the only treatment option.

OxThera develops drugs based on live oxalate-consuming bacteria. The bacteria are taken orally in capsule form and degrade the oxalate to prevent the deposition of stones; for example, kidney stones. Oxabact® has received orphan drug status in both Europe and the US. The drug is undergoing clinical evaluation with the aim of registering the first drug for treatment of Primary Hyperoxaluria.

OxThera at a glance

What they do: OxThera develops products to prevent kidney damage due to medical conditions lacking effective treatment
Founded in: 2005
Headquarters: Stockholm, Sweden

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