Oatly was grounded on an idea that it was possible to make delicious, nutritious drinks directly from oats instead of first feeding the oats to a cow and then getting milk that way. It was a bold idea, one that many thought was crazy back in the 1990s but that has paid off big.

The company has patented the method of taking natural enzymes to transform fiber-rich oats into nutritional liquid oats. All the products use oats grown in Sweden, which means there are minimal traces of heavy metals and no nasty pesticides were used.

Maximizing nutrition while minimizing the impact on the environment, Oatly products are available in more than 20 countries in Europe and Asia. The Oatly range appeals to people who must avoid cow’s milk, who don’t like dairy products, who want to vary their diet, or who want to live a healthy life.

Oatly at a glance

  • What they do: Oat-based drink and food products
  • Founded in: 1992
  • Headquarters: Malmö, Sweden
  • www.oatly.com

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