InDex’s candidate drug Kappaproct® (cobitolimod) is an entirely new kind of treatment for ulcerative colitis – a chronic inflammatory bowel disease that causes considerable suffering and is in great need of more effective treatment. Kappaproct® has achieved clinical proof-of-concept in moderate to severe cases of ulcerative colitis, and has a very good safety profile. Extensive clinical trials show that Kappaproct® helps heal the damaged mucous membrane in the intestine and offers statistically significant improvements in the most difficult symptoms. Kappaproct® works by binding to TLR9 receptors, thus reducing the inflammatory process. An additional phase II study is now being prepared, and will represent an important stage in the company’s efforts to obtain market approval for the product.

InDex at a glance

What they do: Extensive clinical documentation shows that InDex’s candidate drug Kappaproct® has the potential to improve treatment of ulcerative colitis
Founded in: 2006
Headquarters: Solna, Sweden

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