Formulate is a Swedish start-up whose AI platform let retailers take control of their promotions.

Formulate DecisionCloud is the first easy-to-use analytics platform in the market that gives retailers the facts and forecasts they need to make better promotion decisions. Using technology based on AI, Formulate detects complex patterns in retailers transaction data and let them see which products, discounts, brands and suppliers that grow their business.

Formulates DecisionCloud analyzes standard receipt data from both e-commerce and physical retailers, and takes, for instance, into consideration how purchases for non-discounted goods and categories are influenced by promotions, how season and weather are driving sales, and what deals are the most effective in different parts of the assortment

FormulateĀ at a glance

  • What they do: Formulate let retailers analyze and optimize their promotions with the help of AI.
  • Founded in: 2015
  • Headquarters: Stockholm, Sweden

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