Deep AI platform applied on MRI to drive data-driven decision making in detection, montoring and treatment of neurodegenerative disease. Combinostics combines decades of research, build-up of sophisticated datasets to train AI and a user-friendly decision-support platform that will enable radiologists and neurologists worldwide to detect e.g. Alzheimer’s disease patients earlier and more accurately than before. We invested in Combinostics as their technology is founded in sound science, a technology that has the potential to become worldwide standard to improve in neurogenerative disease combined with a scalable business model.

Neurogenerative disease, such as Alzheimer’s disease, is a growing burden to society with a growing elderly population. New research findings prove that preventive measures can delay the on-set of disease. This, combined with advancements in research for new disease-modifying treatments in several disease areas, put pressure on greater efficiency in healthcare systems of detecting and monitoring patients. Combinostics has developed a leading technology platform providing a data-driven decision support for doctors worldwide to be able to detect patients earlier and intervene adequately to delay progression of disease.