AMRA’s cloud-based AMRA™ Profiler service transforms MR images into precise fat and muscle volume measurements. In contrast to a BMI measurement, AMRA’s method provides a reliable and accurate image of the amount of abdominal fat, subcutaneous fat and concealed fat (for example, in the liver). Within the framework of a major international research project into obesity, AMRA has developed the Body Composition Profile (BCP) – a clarified outline of an individual’s health status and metabolic risk profile. BCP can potentially be used to predict the risk of developing diabetes, cardiovascular and other obesity-related diseases, as well as in clinical practice and development of new drugs. AMRA’s customers include one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies. Further, AMRA has an established collaboration with a world-leading MRI supplier.

AMRA at a glance

What they do: Exposes the risk of obesity-related diseases before it’s too late

Founded in: 2010

Headquarters: Linköping, Sweden

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