Deep technology platform based on decades of research – AMRA Medical is developing next generation digital biomarkers based on sophisticated AI on full-body MR images to drive precision medicine in several important chronic disease areas – such as metabolic disease, liver disease and musculoskeletal disorders. We invested in the company as we find AMRA Medical converting world-class research into user-friendly technology solving for precision medicine in several disease areas with significant unmet needs. 

In the past decade leading researchers in the areas of metabolic and musculoskeletal disorders have understood that inflammatory processes to our muscles and fats are increasingly important factors to better diagnose, monitor and treat conditions. Today physicians are left with non-precise measures (such as BMI for metabolic disease) or invasive measures (such as biopsy) in liver disease to no adequate measures at all such as in certain musculoskeletal diseases. Hence, there is a bursting need for biomarkers and diagnostic measures that are holistic but simultaneously precise. AMRA Medical is worldwide leading both research and technology platform development to better combat some of society’s primary public health issues with precision medicine biomarkers. Through partnerships with global MR scanner providers, collaboration with global biobanks and research institutions and servicing life science industry with a toolbox to both drive R&D efficiency the company is looking to take the next step to fully implement its cloud-based technology platform to help routine healthcare improve in precision medicine.