Our focus.

We invest in tomorrow’s great companies within the technology and life science sectors. Above all, we back great teams with visions and insights, combined with an ability to execute at speed. We look for breakthrough innovation and unrivaled drive, and we like people who believe building transformational businesses is their destiny.┬áRead more about us.


We invest broadly in business and consumer technology as well as industrial technology. The companies we invest in are beyond the beta or prototype phase and show traction. We always invest with venture discipline, but we are willing to take big bets when we see tremendous potential to build iconic businesses. Wherever we can make a big impact, we help out. This can be anything ranging from advising how to ramp up a tech organization to seeking out new key hires or making introductions to potential business partners. Check out some of our success stories, our current portfolio, or our team.

Life science

We invest in highly innovative companies with global potential. Although we cover the entire life science spectrum, our current focus lies on pharmaceuticals/biotech, medical devices, and digital health. We look for investment opportunities where there is a great unmet medical need as well as a willingness to pay for new innovation. We often syndicate with international investors and act as Nordic lead. Check out some of our success stories, our current portfolio, or our team.

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