We seek out the most exciting emerging science and technology ventures to invest in. Those with the power to change the way we live for the better and to have a real, meaningful impact on society.

We partner with entrepreneurs, innovators and scientists whose discoveries are laying new ground for our future, in industries that may not even exist yet.

We invest in early growth stages, late seed to B round funding and our companies are jointly defined by their global potential. Initial investments are typically 20-60m SEK but we have the power to invest considerably more during the holding period. We believe in being an active investor, in sharing our 40-year long experience in company building with you.

Our portfolio companies can be found across the Nordics, but are based in Sweden or have a Swedish connection.

About us Portfolio Team


We invest in disruptive technology and innovative business models, from applications down to new hardware and materials. Presently, our focus areas include B2B software, Industry 4.0 (automation, robotics, industrial IoT) and deep tech (AI, blockchain, new materials and processes).

Life science

Where new science convincingly addresses an unmet medical need, and we see a willingness to pay for innovation that makes a clinical difference. Our current focus lies on therapeutics, medical devices and digital health.

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