ZeroPoint Technologies raises EUR 3.2 million in seed funding to reduce energy consumption of data centers by more than 25%

ZeroPoint Technologies raises EUR 3.2 million in seed funding to reduce energy consumption of data centers by more than 25%



ZeroPoint Technologies AB today closed a EUR 3.2 million seed round, from Industrifonden, climate tech investor Climentum Capital, Chalmer Ventures, and present shareholders to finance the company in 2023 and beyond. ZeroPoint Technologies provides a groundbreaking technology that can reduce the energy consumption of data centers by more than 25%. The new capital will be used to grow and expand the company’s international presence and take new products to market.

Klas Moreau, CEO, ZeroPoint, commented: “ZeroPoint Technologies’ vision is to enable high-performance servers that are environmentally friendly. Memory bottlenecks are a tremendous challenge for semiconductor developers, and we mitigate this challenge by doubling main memory capacity and memory bandwidth. Systems with ZeroPoint technology are environmentally friendly and financially effective. By putting unused memory to work we can deliver up to 50% more performance per watt. And this is the single most important metric to high-performance servers.”

Industrifonden is the lead investor in ZeroPoint and has since their first entrance as investor in 2020 contributed with their owner’s ambition to form a fierce product roadmap and go-to-market strategy with ZeroPoint’s world-class technology.

Anna Ljungdahl, Senior Investment Director and Head of Sustainable Investment at Industrifonden, commented: “We’re happy to continue to support ZeroPoint and help them bring their technology to the world. We’ve been following the team for a few years now and are impressed by the founder’s and management team’s ability to commercialize this disruptive opportunity with an impressive sizable market in need of change.”  

ZeroPoint’s technology can drastically increase the energy efficiency of servers, delivering up to 50% more performance per watt by removing unnecessary information from the memory. This means that data centers can maximize performance and reduce energy consumption. A typical server memory contains up to 70% unnecessary information. ZeroPoint technology removes all that waste by combining ultra-fast data compression with real-time data compaction and transparent memory management. Integrating these three areas into one solution for maximizing performance per watt makes ZeroPoint unique. ZeroPoint’s IP block is easy to integrate with existing industry standard on-chip-bus-protocols.