OxThera Raises EUR 32 Million to Complete Development of Oxabact® for Treatment of Primary Hyperoxaluria



The biopharmaceutical company OxThera raises a EURO 32 million investment to complete the Oxabact® development program for treatment of Primary hyperoxaluria.

The investment round is co-led by Life Sciences Partners, Netherlands, Ysios Capital, Spain, Sunstone Capital, Denmark, and Flerie Invest, Sweden, in addition to current shareholders Kurma Partners, France, Idinvest Partners, France, Industrifonden and Brohuvudet, Sweden.

This announcement bolsters OxThera’s position as a leader in developing therapies for Primary hyperoxaluria, a debilitating condition that, if untreated, leads to kidney damage and end-stage renal disease.

“We are happy to announce that we have successfully completed the financing for the Oxabact® Phase III pivotal study in Primary hyperoxaluria,” says Elisabeth Lindner, CEO of OxThera. “We are confident that Oxabact® will positively impact the lives of patients with this devastating disease,” Elisabeth Lindner continues.

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