Industrifonden sells all shares in Cobolt

December 11, 2015

Stockholm based company Cobolt AB has been acquired by German Hübner Group. For Industrifonden, as one of the main owners of Cobolt, the acquisition means a sale of the entire holding of 39%.

The Hübner Group is a systems supplier for the transportation industry. Since 2006 the group has expanded to also include photonics and high-frequency electronics. Cobolt develops and manufactures high performance laser products for use in scientific applications and demanding industrial environments. The acquisition is an important addition to the Hübner Group’s further expansion in the field and allows for a positive development of Cobolt’s continued operations in Sweden.

Industrifonden invested in Cobolt 2001. By the time of the acquisition Industrifonden and SEB Venture Capital were the main owners.

“Industrifonden invested early in Cobolt and the company has made a considerable journey to where they are now. To merge with a strong corporate partner such as the Hübner Group is an important step to ensure the continued development of the company and its unique technology”, says Thomas Carlström, Investment Manager at Industrifonden.

For more information, please contact
Thomas Carlström, Investment Manager, Industrifonden
Phone: +46 70-566 14 01

About Industrifonden
Industrifonden is a Swedish venture capital firm, investing in fast-growing early-stage tech and life sciences companies. Industrifonden is a long-term partner to exceptional founders with big ideas, committed to enabling innovation and growth. Founded in 1979, Industrifonden is a reinvesting evergreen fund with SEK 4 billion in assets. Read more: Web, Twitter, LinkedIn.

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