Industrifonden invests SEK 10 million in AMRA

January 27, 2015

Industrifonden is investing an additional SEK 10 million in the Linköping, Sweden-based company, AMRA, which has developed a unique online analysis service for standardized measurement of fat and muscle mass in the body. This is critical in diagnosing various obesity-related diseases. The capital will be used to further expand the business.

Industrifonden made its first investment of SEK 5 million in Advanced MR Analytics AB (AMRA) one year ago, with the aim of investing more if the company developed as planned.

“In 2014, AMRA met all the targets we had set with our initial investment,” said Lars Henriksson, Investment Manager at Industrifonden. “Among other things, it has added its first paying customers: major research projects in five different universities around the world.

“AMRA is well on its way to becoming the future standard for fat and muscle mass measurement, which will also change the way obesity, one of the world’s largest health problems, is viewed and treated,” he continued.

AMRA is developing a new method to measure exactly where and how much fat and muscles are in the body. This is done through an online analysis service that can interpret images from a magnetic camera. In this way, it will be possible to detect early on which individuals are at risk of diabetes and liver and muscle disorders in order to initiate medical treatment as soon as possible.

“Through Industrifonden’s continued investment in AMRA, we can increase the pace of our international expansion,” said Tommy Johansson, CEO of AMRA. “We are now opening an office in Norway and will then move on to the US.”

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