Grateful after a year of high activity level  – reflections from our CEO 

Grateful after a year of high activity level  – reflections from our CEO 



After an intense year, there are so many things to be grateful for. So many excellent achievements by our partners and our team.

We set an ambitious target for the year, which led to a high activity level. Our target was to invest over SEK 600 million, with a significant portion dedicated to new ventures. We are excited to share that we are on track, with several deals targeting closing around year-end. We’ve partnered with thirteen new teams focusing on some of society’s most pressing challenges, from reducing energy consumption and clean water recovery to developing treatments for rare diseases. In total, we’re working with sixty teams developing solutions for the future.

In times of financial uncertainty, we have pursued a strategy to leverage Industrifonden’s experience and stability. Our history of navigating diverse economic landscapes has strengthened our commitment to supporting groundbreaking innovations, ensuring the growth and innovation of our portfolio companies even in turbulent times.

This year, we have had the pleasure to interact with so many brilliant teams and outstanding partners. For us, the Industrifonden Venture Summit was a highlight providing an opportunity to bring together more than 200 industry leaders, investors, and entrepreneurs. We were happy to facilitate a vibrant space for sharing ideas and fostering innovation. It was also a great opportunity to celebrate progress and success, symbolized by the Industrifonden Award. Guard Therapeutics was honored for “The Comeback of The Year”, Scandinova received the “Award for Relentless Grit” and TrusTrace was recognized for “Significant Global Growth and Development of Climate tech Solution.”

With the addition of five talented and experienced professionals, we have significantly enhanced our capabilities. We are grateful and happy that these individuals chose to join our team. Across our investment team and board, we now have a 50/50 gender distribution, reflecting our commitment to diversity and inclusion.

We are truly excited over the opportunities we see. The pace of innovation is accelerating and will create a better future for the planet as well as outstanding value creation opportunities. Many of our existing portfolio companies have made excellent progress and we have made exciting additions to our portfolio. We look forward to continuing our partnerships with extraordinary innovators and entrepreneurs, maintaining our commitment to bringing Nordic breakthrough innovations to the world.

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to our team, our partners, and our portfolio companies. We are so grateful for all your efforts which are shaping a future with innovation and solutions to some of the hardest challenges.

Wishing you all a very Happy Holiday and New Year.

Warm regards,
Peter Wolpert
CEO Industrifonden