Combinostics raises €3.9M round led by Industrifonden and NordicNinja

Combinostics raises €3.9M round led by Industrifonden and NordicNinja



Today we are excited to announce that we are leading a €3.9M series A funding round in Finnish health tech pioneer Combinostics. Combionstics is a cloud platform for quantitative assessment of brain images and for providing clinical decision support in neurological disorders. It is used by healthcare professionals to accelerate Alzheimer diagnoses and bring forward the start of treatment.

The company joins a family of brilliant science based startups that are improving health outcomes globally by building category-leading products. This investment represents another step for our long-term commitment to health tech innovation and scale the impact of science for the benefit of society.

“Combinostics has built a product platform from cutting-edge research that will enhance neurology departments worldwide. Their platform supports improved diagnostic accuracy and treatment choice by combining all relevant biomarkers with advanced brain image quantification, leading to improved health in neurology patients”, says Patrik Sobocki, Investment Manager at Industrifonden and responsible for the Combinostic investment.

As there are no effective treatments for neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s, early-stage diagnosis combined with symptomatic treatment and lifestyle intervention can make a drastic difference to quality of life in later years. Combinostic SaaS-solution, cNeuro, is a data driven clinical decision support tool that fits the workflow of radiologists and neurologists or other doctors specialised in memory disorders.

We believe that Combinostics have what it takes to succeed on their mission to ensure that Alzheimer and other memory disorders can be diagnosed in the future, before any symptoms appear. We are very proud to welcome Combinostic to the family.

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