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Booming economic growth between 1870 and 1970 made Sweden the fourth richest country in the world. However, in the 1970s this economic growth began to slow. As a part of an effort to stimulate innovation-based growth, the Swedish government established a novel mechanism to fund radical innovation: the independent foundation Industrifonden.

Industrifonden was, in 1979, given a donation of 1.7 billion SEK with the mandate to finance the industries of tomorrow, and ultimately become a self-sustaining engine for growth. By 1996, the foundation had matured into an early-stage equity investor. Today, Industrifonden manages assets of over 7 billion SEK and has completed more than 1000 investments in its 40-year history.

Being an independent foundation has meant that Industrifonden has been able to adapt to changing technological landscapes and different macro-economic conditions. We also have the freedom to invest in radical—often riskier—technologies, and to stay the course until the firm is ready for the next step.

Being self-sustaining frees us from spending time on fundraising activities, allowing us to give our portfolio firms our undivided attention—without any competing loyalties. Our profits also go straight back into the growth engine, earmarked for the next generation of radically innovative firms.

Arcam, QlikTech, Cellavision and Oatly are among the transformative ventures that we have backed in the past 40 years—allowing them to redefine industries and positively impact society.

Our manifesto

We believe that economic security and stability are important pre-requisites for a free and tolerant society. We also believe that this stability is best achieved through a diverse and innovation-driven economy, based on industries that commercialise the best of today’s science and technological advances.

That is why we support Sweden’s entrepreneurs as they radically re-shape the industries of today and define the industries of tomorrow. Through investments in the commercialisation of radical innovation, we increase the amount and diversity of industrial knowledge in our society, knowledge that enables us to lead techno-economic paradigm shifts.

The direction of our investment activities is guided by science – after all, “the science of today is the technology of tomorrow”. We make educated and experienced assessments – relying on our professionals’ expertise in the Life Sciences, Deep Tech and Transformative Tech – and invest in firms that employ ground-breaking technologies and innovative business models to respond to social and commercial challenges.

Our mission is to support the development of Sweden’s industrial and societal strengths by supporting new firms as they improve on, and commercialise, scientific and technological research. This is the core of Industrifonden’s enterprise and mission: to ensure that Sweden plays to its economic strengths, allowing society to enjoy economic security, thus making it a smarter and happier place.

Reports and governance

Read our annual report to learn more about the foundation’s financials, governance and sustainability work.

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