About us

Industrifonden builds lasting value by investing in innovative companies within the technology and life science sectors.

The companies we work with are small and medium in size when we initially invest in them – with a huge potential for growth. We like to see it as investing in tomorrow’s great companies today. We love to back teams with bold visions and a drive to change the world, and the companies in our portfolio are challengers in their specific segments.

Active investor

Actively involved in the companies we invest in, we contribute not only with capital but also expertise and a broad network of resources. We lead, co-lead, or participate in funding rounds, and we take a board position in the companies we invest in. Our objective is to enable our portfolio companies to flourish and be leaders in their areas, and we work hard to assist them on that journey. With extensive experience and expertise in a wide range of areas, we are dedicated to using our knowledge in developing the great companies of tomorrow.

Our roots

Industrifonden was set up in 1979 as an independent evergreen foundation. In the beginning, the focus was largely on industrial companies – hence our name – but over the years, we have changed into being a pure venture capital investor.

We receive no outside funding. To stay in business, we are fully dependent on long-term value creation that can be realized by making successful exits. The fund has more than doubled in size since its inception, following profitable exits in both technology and life science companies.

Industrifonden at a glance

Investing in tomorrow’s great companies today
One of Sweden’s largest and most experienced venture capital investors in early-stage growth companies
Focus: Innovative, fast-growing companies within technology and life science
Total assets: SEK 4 billion
Headquarters: Stockholm, Sweden

Our focus

We invest in ambitious, innovative teams and enable them to build sustainable businesses.

We focus on companies with global scalability and the potential to lead development in Sweden and beyond. Because our expertise lies in the fields of technology and life science, we back breakthrough businesses in these areas and can invest up to SEK 200 million in a company over time.

As an evergreen fund, we have a unique position. While we do not have a formal holding period for our investments, we have an active dialogue with the co-investors and founders and typically look to exit the company within five to ten years. However, we are mainly looking to maximize long-term value creation. If we believe that a company will be worth substantially more a few years down the road, we have the patience and commitment necessary to keep developing it.

Investing in long-term value creation

Before we decide to invest in a company, we evaluate whether the company is rigged for venture capital funding. As venture capitalists, we handle substantial risk and look for strong growth in return. To ensure that a good foundation is in place, we look for strategic fit, financial fit, and ownership fit.

Our two focus areas


Above all, we invest in teams. We look for unrivaled drive, skillsets, and fearlessness, and we like people who believe building transformational businesses is their destiny. Great teams have visions and insights, combined with an ability to execute at speed. Opportunities that aim to disrupt or create substantial markets, with a solution based on technological development, are those we like best.

We invest broadly in the internet/mobile industry as well as the clean-tech/industrial sector.

The companies we invest in are beyond the beta or prototype phase and show traction. We always invest with venture discipline, but we are willing to take big bets when we see tremendous potential to build iconic businesses.

We invest time, skill, resources, and networks – not just capital. Wherever we can make a big impact, we help out. This can be anything ranging from advising how to ramp up a tech organization to seeking out new key hires or making introductions to potential business partners.

Check out some of our success stories, our current portfolio, or our team.

Life science

We invest in highly innovative companies with global potential. Although we cover the entire life science spectrum, our current focus lies on pharmaceuticals/biotech, medical devices, and eHealth. We look for investment opportunities where there is a great unmet medical need as well as a willingness to pay for new innovation.

We often syndicate with international investors and can act as Nordic lead.

Check out some of our success stories, our current portfolio, or our team.

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