Industrifonden invests across the life science sector – for example, in medical devices that help patients who are fighting severe disease. Here is one story of how Airsonett significantly improved the quality of life for a young asthmatic and his family.

Airsonett in brief

With its unique technology, Airsonett is leading the way in the development of treatment of allergic asthma. The Airsonett product is placed in patients’ homes and creates a virtually allergen-free zone around them while they sleep. The immune system gets a break from allergens during the important homeostasis phase, which is when various processes in the body repair themselves. The treatment’s benefits have been documented in clinical trials. So far, the product has been tested on 800 patients.

How Airsonett improved the quality of life for one patient

“Mom, the Airsonett really works,” says Peter,* an asthmatic boy who’s nearly ten years old.

Describing the challenges Peter has had with his disease, his mother says:

“He started daycare when he was two and a half, and since then, he has never gone long without being sick. He’s never been able to be at daycare or school for more than two weeks before catching something new. Never!”

More than half of his life, Peter has been at home, with excessive mucus and poor lung function. His quality of life has suffered, and often he couldn’t walk more than ten meters without needing to take his medicine. Despite being heavily medicated, Peter had uncontrolled asthma.

Then a doctor prescribed the Airsonett, and things changed.

“Peter’s been at school for a full four weeks in a row without getting a single proper cold,” explains his mother.

“OK, he’s been home a couple of days as he was tired and had somewhat labored breathing, but it’s nothing in comparison with the agony he’s had all these years! He’s stopped taking two of his medications, and he hasn’t needed to take any extra medicine for the entire month he’s been using Airsonett.”

Peter’s mood has improved, and he’s more like any other kid now – going to school, doing homework, and hanging out with friends.

His mother sums it up: “My son’s quality of life has improved by leaps and bounds. I’m so grateful I could cry. It feels like a miracle!”

* To protect his privacy, the patient’s name has been changed.

Airsonett at a glance

• What they do: Non-pharmacological treatment of severe allergic asthma
• Headquarters: Ängelholm, Sweden

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