Glionova develops innovative drugs that fight difficult-to-treat cancers. The company’s most advanced candidate drug, GLN-1001, is intended to treat patients suffering from glioblastoma (GBM), the most common and most aggressive primary brain tumor. GBM is an extremely difficult-to-treat form of tumor resulting in marginal life expectancy – average survival time from diagnosis is approximately 18 months. The need for improved treatment options is therefore enormous.

GLN-1001 works by exploiting a newly discovered weakness in cancer cells, catastrophic vacuolization. In preclinical trial models, the candidate drug has been shown to reduce the size of the tumor and extend survival rates significantly, without negatively affecting the brain.

Glionova intends to complete the remaining preclinical work independently and to begin clinical trials, before finding a global strategic partner ahead of continued development and commercialization.

Glionova at a glance

What they do: Fighting brain tumors by exploiting a newly discovered weakness in cancer cells
Founded in: 2014
Headquarters: Stockholm, Sweden

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