About us.

Industrifonden is an independent evergreen venture capital fund. In the beginning, the focus was largely on industrial companies – hence our name – but over the years, we have changed into being a pure venture capital investor. The fund has more than doubled in size since its inception, following profitable exits in both technology and life science companies.

As an evergreen fund, we have a unique position. If we believe that a company will be worth substantially more a few years down the road, we have the patience and commitment necessary to keep backing it.

Industrifonden at a glance


The year Industrifonden was founded


Assets (4 BSEK)


Companies invested in or financed

Active owner

Actively involved in the companies we invest in, we contribute not only with capital but also expertise and a broad network of resources. We lead, co-lead, or participate in funding rounds, and we seek board representation in the companies we invest in.

To ensure that a good foundation for an investment is in place, we look for strategic fit, financial fit, and ownership fit in the companies we evaluate.

Read about our focus, check out our current portfolio or get to know our team.


View our press kit.

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